Viki Chupik

With over 25 years of experience designing, building, and marketing residences in Austin, Viki knows what a home needs to function for a family. As an owner and principal partner of Chupik Properties and Design, she applies her decades of accumulated knowledge to every project and has perfected a style that is best described as timeless, classic, minimal, and comfortable. Chupik Design has had a significant hand in changing the face of residential Central and West Austin, one beautiful residence at a time.

Viki Chupik lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Randy Chupik, and her precious vizsla Roxie. She enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time in nature. When asked “What is your biggest achievement?” she emphatically answers: her two wildly creative and grounded grown children living their best lives in New York.

Believing that listening is the most important step in the design process, Viki designs homes with the client at the heart of her work. Her process allows for a client’s true expression of hopes, dreams, humor, affinity for art, wanderlust, and personal style to manifest through the work. Rather than applying one prescriptive design aesthetic to every project, Chupik Design imagines environments that are a collected reflection of one’s spirit and of a family’s life together. The result is a home that not only is beautiful and functional but also completely authentic and distinctive to each client.

Chupik Design is a studio grounded in the philosophy that collaboration between the entire design team is the key to a successful project and the best ideas. Viki Chupik has collaborated with some of the best architects, builders, and designers in Central Texas and beyond—including Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, Tim Cuppett Architects, Dick Clark + Associates, Jay Corder Architect, Tim Brown Architects, Webber + Studio, Andersson Wise Architects, and Alterstudio Architects.