Foreword Collective Donors

2024 Foreword Collective Members


Alex Albright and Clint Parsley Anna and Reg Hargrove Melinda Peterson-Lynch
Susannah and Jase Auby Mary and Tim Herman Jarrett Pumphrey
Casey Blass and Lee Manford Gene and Jerry Jones Sarah and Thomas Queen
Karen and Ray Brimble Peniel Joseph Terry and Graham Quinn
Gigi Edwards Bryant and Sam Bryant Suzon and William Kemp Shalini Ramanathan and Chris Tomlinson
Kay and Elliot Cattarulla Peaches and Shrub Kempner Reid Shafran
Sue Clugage Lois Kim Nana G.H. Smith and J.B. Milliken
KC and William Coats Catherine and Bill Miller Archana and Ravi Vemulapalli
Marianne DeLeĆ³n Amanda Moore Helen and Sandy Watkins
Julie Edwards Anna and Jason Near Jessica and Greg Weaver
Beth Falcone Katie Russell Newland Maria and Darren Woody
Rosalind Redfern Grover Carolyn and Joe Osborn Dalton and Victor Young