Stop by our updated educational resource center!

Reading Rock Stars 2020

Hi everyone! We are excited to share new educational resources with our school and community programs family through our Mary Margaret Farabee Reading Rock Stars Resource Center. This updated page now has resources for educators, librarians, and families, and make sure to check back for updated resources over the summer!

For this first round, I have shared book guides, as well as, great resources from publishers and libraries, plus a few popular stops for families like PBS Kids.  Children’s publishers have truly done an excellent job at providing distance learning resources that are fun and feasible. For example, Scholastic and Cinco Puntos Press offer unique ways to engage with children and teens both in the classroom and at home in English and Spanish. We hope that you find an activity that fits your teaching or learning style. I’m always interested in what experts like pediatricians and teachers have to say, so I’ve also included a few links for you to explore. They share great links to pre-literacy sites for those of you with babies at home. Libraries! Libraries! Libraries! Libraries provide respite and hope for all ages and this will continue to be true for centuries to come. I’ve shared a few links to libraries to encourage you to not only keep exploring the virtual resources provided by your neighborhood library but also to venture out [virtually] to see what other libraries have to offer.  

Oh! And before I forget—our Reading Rock Stars authors page is also a great resource. It has a list of authors with links to their websites, and many more cool finds for our children and teens to enjoy. Please be patient with us as we continue to update our virtual resource center, and we hope that it becomes a regular stop for your school, community, and family. 

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