Spotlighting Black Artists in Texas

As storytellers, we are very visual beings. A compelling image often encourages us to read novels, poems, plays, and comics whose scenes they are or could be depicting. Every year, the Texas Book Festival selects a piece by a Texas artist to set the scene for the Festival Weekend and to celebrate the arts in Texas. In 2019, Austin-based artist and graphic designer Dave McClinton represented the Festival with his mixed-media digital collage titled “Burgeoning” as our official Festival Poster. Next up, Dave will be participating in The Other Art Fair (Virtual Edition) on March 10-14. Please be sure to check out Dave’s work and you can read more about his experience with TBF here. You can also follow Dave’s latest work on Instagram @mcclinton.

In the meantime, we’re delighted to share Dave’s recommended list of Black artists in Texas to continue celebrating Black History and Presence this month. 

Arielle Austin (Austin, TX)

Photo by Krys Henry


Aimèe M. Everett (Austin, TX)

Photo by Marshall Tidrick



Adrian Armstrong (Austin, TX)

Photo by Sydell Group


Moyo Oyelola (Austin, TX)

Photo by Moyo Oyelola



Brian Delumpa (Austin, TX)

Photo by Brian Delumpa



Hakeem Adewumi (Dallas, TX)

Photo by Hakeem Adewumi



Dawn Okoro (Austin, TX)

Photo by Shane Gordon


Funmi Ogunro (Austin, TX)

Photo by Art is Cool



Ryan Runcie (Austin, TX)

Photo by Ryan Runcie