Sharing 2020 reading goals from the TBF community

We’re well into January, which means you’re probably well into your New Year’s resolutions — for better or for worse — but if you’re a reader, you likely have some reading-related resolutions as well.

So we asked our social media followers and friends in the Austin360 Book Club to share their 2020 reading goals and resolutions with us:

  • Reading goal is to read a minimum of 25 books this year. — Drew Walker
  • Mine is 25 books, too! And to listen to more audiobooks. 🙂 Last year, I ended up reading a ton of books by women of color, so this year I’d like to read more from LGBTQ authors. —  Tess Cagle-Rolli
  • Mine is 65 this year, down from last year’s 80, which I didn’t quite reach. My other goal is to read all the writing craft books I buy but never get to. And to finally knock out House of Leaves. — Robin Hill
  • I read 53 from 50 different type genres. While I read things I wouldn’t normally read, the challenge got to b a little hard. This year 50 and just what I want to read. — Sandi Barta Gallacher
  • My goal is to do a better job of listening to my heart about what books I want to read! That means giving myself permission to quit reading a book that annoys me within the first few pages and then picking up a book that delights me. — Madlin Mekelburg
  •  I want to challenge myself to read through some of the stacks I have at home (and keep moving!). — Sharon Chapman
  • My goal is to read more adult level books in addition to the children’s entry level readers I use during tutoring sessions. I feel so out of touch with the world reading books like “Splat The Cat.” — Margy Moore
  • Reading “Big Wonderful Thing” might just take me all year. — Christian McDonald
  • “Big Wonderful Thing” for sure, as well as latest in Thomas Cromwell series by Hillary Mantel due out this spring. I want to use Libby more and purchase fewer books for Kindle … though I admit I enjoy having the online library to peruse. — Earl Ellisor
  • Trying to read 100 books. — Olivia Krauth
  • I’m reading more classics. I was an English major, so I’ve read them all before (well, most of them anyway…) but I’m finding that what is true is true, and what is great literature remains great literature, which is probably why they are called “classics.” Lately I’m really jamming on Faulkner. And as an added bonus, I already have the books-or if I don’t, they are often free on my Kindle 🙂 — Mary Thompson
  • 400 books — @agingerlyreview
  • To read at least half of my stack of “Books I own but have never read” — @zwizh
  • One book and two audio books per month! — @t_stephenson7
  • Read more diverse books! — @marvelousmaggie
  • Read, read, read and attend Texas Book Festival📚— @allenyvonnewilliams
  • Mine is to read for pure enjoyment. Finding books that take me away on a journey away from present times just for awhile. — @girliev96
  • A biography of each president. — @nickstanley38
  • Take a speed-reading course — @ellenbourdeaux
  • 32 books for the year; not a lot but with work & family 32 books can seem daunting! Also to read more diversely! —@treaturshelves
  • 52 books! — @nancyseliger
  • To actually read my TBR pile instead of adding to it…wish me luck! — Vera Vera Muniz
  • Finish reading the books I bought at the 2018 Texas Book Festival. (I bought so many that I skipped the 2019 festival.) —Don Clinchy
  • A book a week! — Elda Martinez II
  • Read 1/2 my TBR list! — Elizabeth Foreman
  • Weed out unfavorites, focus on what I do favor and read daily! From 5 minute articles to full on set-aside-time to read. — Nanci Meza

What are your 2020 reading goals? Head on over to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the Austin360 Book Club to share yours!