Ravi Vemulapalli

Ravi Vemulapalli has more than 24 years of management and executive-level experience in corporations ranging from $4B to $13B in annual revenue, and was recently responsible for a $30M P&L. Currently, Vemulapalli is the co-owner of Veteran Supply Services, a local solar contractor for homes and businesses and also general contractor for apartments and commercial businesses. Before that, Vemulapalli was the general manager of Enflite, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LifePort, a Sikorsky Company before it went private. He was brought in to complete the largest product launch in the history of Enflite. He saw this through to a successful completion and increased total sales from $24M to $30M. Previously, he worked as Global Project Manager and Supply Planning Manager at Kidde Fire Safety, the world’s leading manufacturer of fire safety products and a $330M wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies. As Global Project Manager, he designed and outfitted a state-of-the-art distribution center, and oversaw the relocation of the entire operation to this new site. Vemulapalli gained his first corporate management experience in strategy and at GE Energy, a division of General Electric. There he led the evaluation and commercialization of new technologies. Prior to that, he served in various roles as a naval officer. Positions included operational test and evaluation pilot, naval aviator flying H-60 Seahawks, and public affairs officer. Vemulapalli holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Duke University and a BS from the United States Naval Academy.