Here’s what your favorite authors’ writing spaces look like

For the past two months, Texas Book Festival staff—and countless people across Texas, the United States, and the world—have been working from home. But for many writers, that’s nothing new. They’re used to finding spaces at home that make them feel creative and inspired so they can pour their energy into writing your favorite novels, memoirs, poems, and more. That’s why writer and producer Maya Perez created the Writing Spaces Project on Instagram to showcase photos of writers’ workspaces (you can see some of Maya’s favorites in her piece on Electric Literature here). If you’re feeling creatively stuck, here are a few of our favorite writing spaces from Maya’s Instagram account, including some former TBF authors and friends of the Festival.

Amanda Eyre Ward

Natalia Sylvester

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"This is a picture of my backyard writing space. Ever since we went on lockdown I've been finding the most comfort in spending time outdoors, and being out here in our yard reminds me to be grateful for what we have and not take it for granted. The picnic table is something we only got a few months ago; it has special meaning because my husband and I bought it in the weeks following a pretty intense health scare. The day we rented a pick-up, loaded it with this (massively heavy) wooden picnic table and then spent the afternoon setting up string lights and an umbrella in our yard felt like a triumph, a small declaration that even in hard times we could still create this space of happy, peaceful sanctuary. It continues to provide me with a sense of calm in this new kind of uncertainty." Text & 📷: Natalia Sylvester . . . RUNNING is out July 14 from HMH/Clarion Books . . . #writingspacesproject #whereiwrite #outsidewriting #writingwithview #whatiwrite #writing #amwriting #NataliaSylvester #Running #YA #EveryoneKnowsYouGoHome #ChasingTheSun #novels

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Richard Santos

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“Over the years I've learned to write in all sorts of spaces: several dining room tables, hospital cafeterias, the break room at the school where I teach, my old desk job, but none of them have been as comfy as this recliner. Lately I've been setting my iPad on my lap, extending my legs, and doing the best writing I can with a new baby and a full house. I can also look outside and watch the cat chase bugs and the thin oak trees swaying in the breeze. Usually there's a bluetooth speaker nearby playing something ambient or classical and a fan on high to drown out any noise from the other room. Working on novel revisions has been difficult but I've been writing reviews, profiles, and essays; most importantly I've been forgiving myself for not writing as much as I should. I can blame my lack of productivity on lots of factors, but the chair is blameless." Text & 📷: Richard Z. Santos . . . Trust Me by Richard Z. Santos Arte Público Press, 3/31/20 . . . #writingspacesproject #whereiwrite #whatiwrite #writing #amwriting #RichardZSantos #TrustMe #novel #artepublicopress #revisions #reviews #profiles

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Jacqueline Woodson


Lara Prescott

S. Kirk Walsh

Kate Minchin



Alexandra Potter

Erin Bowman

Maya Linnell