El Paso, the Mexican Revolution, and the History of the Lydia Patterson Institute

12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
Sunday, November 15, 2020
First Lady of El Paso Adair Margo joins along with artist Gaspar Enriquez to discuss Voices of La Lydia, a comprehensive and illustration-rich history of El Paso’s Lydia Patterson Institute, founded in 1913 as both a ministerial school for Spanish-speaking boys and a mission that provided services for many fleeing the Mexican Revolution. Tune in as Margo talks about the institute's notable alumni, including Abel Gomez, who rode with Pancho Villa; how Laura Bush brought the institute wider attention; and about what's next for the institute.
Regrettably, Gaspar Enriquez will not be available to join this discussion.
  • Moderator: Holly Packard Cobb
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Adair Margo, Gaspar Enriquez, Voices of La Lydia: The History of Lydia Patterson Institute, Voices of la Lydia: The History of the Lydia Patterson Institute


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