Cracked Foundations in Texas's Built Environments
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Sunday, November 6, 2022
Texas Monthly Tent
Colorado and 11th, Austin TX

Texas’s history of flooding and border-building exposes the dual-sided nature of one of our most essential finite resources: water. C. J. Alvarez writes a detailed account of the history of border-building across the United States-Mexico border in Border Land, Border Water and the evolution of the border’s function as a means of physically controlling movement. In West Side Rising, Char Miller explores the devastating effects of San Antonio’s 1921 flood, the subsequently exposed social and environmental inequality within the city, and the grassroots organizations fighting for years to end it. Lacy M. Johnson and Cheryl Beckett in More City Than Water combine narratives and maps to tell the story of chronic flooding in Houston and the ties between our personal lives and our surrounding environments.


Moderator: Chris Tomlinson, author of the New York Times bestsellers Tomlinson Hill and Forget the Alamo and a columnist for the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-NewsC. J. Alvarez, Cheryl Beckett, Lacy M. Johnson, Char Miller, Border Land, Border Water: A History of Construction on the US-Mexico Divide, More City Than Water: A Houston Flood Atlas, , West Side Rising: How San Antonio’s 1921 Flood Devastated a City and Sparked a Latino Environmental Justice Movement


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