A Part of the Whole: Family & Authentic Identity
12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
Sunday, November 12, 2023
Capitol Extension Room E2.010
1100 Congress Avenue, Austin Texas

Sit down with Christine Byl and Asale Angel-Ajani for a conversation on parent-daughter relationships and identity within and outside those bonds. Lookout leads the reader through Josiah and Cody Kinzler’s relationship, starting in Cody’s early childhood and spanning four decades as they navigate their lives in rural Montana. A Country You Can Leave’s Lara and Yevgenia traverse their California trailer park home, tense interpersonal conflicts, and the strains of inherited trauma upon their relationship.

Moderator: Sarah Hepola


Book Signing: 1:30 PM at Main Signing TentChristine Byl, Asale Angel-Ajani, Lookout, A Country You Can LeaveChristine Byl, Asale Angel-Ajani, Lookout, A Country You Can Leave


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