Add these 2021 books to your reading list

New year, new reading goals! Whether you set lofty reading goals on Goodreads, take part in reading challenges throughout the year, or just want to find something that captures your attention during these seemingly endless stay-at-home days, a new year brings so many great books to look forward to reading. Here are some roundups of some of the top anticipated reads of the year.

Our partners at Kirkus Reviews founded up their top 50 most anticipated books of the year including fiction, nonfiction, teens and YA, and children’s books. See the full list here!

Literary Hub created an exhaustive list of 228 (!) books you should be looking forward to in the year ahead, organized by publication date so you can plan ahead. Read it here.

BuzzFeed is constantly sharing roundups of book releases on their books page, but they’ve also got a roundup of 40 YA contemporary books coming out this year.

If you’re not sure where to start, the New York Times Book Review‘s “What to Read Now” page might help — they publish a list of new books to check out every single week.

Still not caught up on 2020 books? Same. Check out these resources to find books you may have missed last year: