2022 Book Sales & Signings


All Festival books will be available across two BookPeople Sales Tents: 

Main (Adult) Sales Tent (Adult and YA)
Children’s Sales Tent (Picture Book and Middle Grade)

Books will also be available for sale on-site for the specific sessions held at: 

First United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church
Central Presbyterian Church

Books for these sessions will also be available in the corresponding BookPeople Sales Tents.


Book signings begin 15 minutes after the author’s session concludes. Full signing schedule available at the Festival. 

Book signings for Capitol and outdoor tent sessions will take place in one of two Book Signing Tents: 

Main (Adult) Signing Tent (Adult and YA) – Signing schedule available here!
Children’s Signing Tent (Picture Book and Middle Grade) – Signing schedule available here!

Books signings will be held on-site for specific sessions happening at: 

First United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church
Central Presbyterian Church

Book Signings Policy

To be signed, books must be purchased from one of the Festival’s Book Sales Tents, the First United Methodist Church, the Central Presbyterian Church, or the First Baptist Church. One pre-owned book may be brought for signing. We cannot guarantee that every author’s guidelines will allow pre-owned books to be signed. Book Dealers are not allowed to bring books into the Book Signing Tent. Stealers with rolling carts and/or wagons are not allowed on the Festival grounds.

Book sales at the Festival fund the Festival weekend, our Reading Rock Stars program, and our Library Grants initiative. They also support authors! Support the Festival – buy books!