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Last year, more than 1,000 enthusiastic book-lovers volunteered their time and talent to make the Texas Book Festival a huge success. We are very grateful to all of our volunteers for your continued support! Don’t forget to sign-up to volunteer for the 2015 Texas Book Festival.


Volunteer opportunities and positions will be posted in August 2015.

 We have not yet launched our 2015 Volunteer Opportunities. Please disregard the form below for now. We are in testing mode. We should have the whole 2015 system up by August 1 at the latest. Thank you for your patience!

Book Signing
Location: Festival Grounds

(Kathy Humphreys, Carolyn Jo Rousch, Lindsey Case, Chair)

Expect to stand for long periods of time and to present a pleasant demeanor to people waiting in line for author signings.Wear comfortable shoes!

Volunteers will:

  • greet visitors and authors
  • prepare author signing areas
  • help maintain traffic flow, establishing lines for author signings
  • provide loss prevention at entrances and exits by counting number of books people bring into the book sales tent and in turn checking receipts and bags upon exiting the tent
  • assist in the set-up of tent area, tables & chairs, hanging posters and signage

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