Texas Book Fest Cooking Demo Form


Thank you for joining us in the H-E-B / Central Market Cooking Tent at the 2022 Texas Book Festival in Austin, November 5–6! We’re thrilled to have you demonstrate recipes from your book. In order to make sure that H-E-B / Central Market and additional partners and volunteers can prep all ingredients and equipment for your demo, this form MUST be completed no later than Friday, October 7

When selecting recipes, please note:

  • You will have 45 minutes for your demo, so please do not select more recipes than you can demo in that amount of time. There will not be an oven on stage.
  • Samples will not be offered to the audience, due to City of Austin health codes.
  • Recipes should be approachable by a typical Texas household. Home cooks should be able to reproduce these recipes with ingredients found on the shelves of H-E-B / Central Market or any standard supermarket.
  • H-E-B / Central Market will work to accommodate all ingredient requests, within reason.

For questions, please contact Matthew Patin via phone (832) 788-9298 (text first, please) or via email Matthew@texasbookfestival.org.

2022 Texas Book Fest Central Market Cooking Tent

  • We don't share this with anyone except moderators, Festival staff, and venue chairs
  • We’re excited you can join us at the Central Market Cooking Tent at the Texas Book Festival. Please select recipe(s) that are published in your most recent book. You will have 45 minutes for your demo, so please do not select more recipes than you can demo in that amount of time. Samples will not be offered to the audience. There will NOT be an oven on stage.
  • Please list specific equipment and supplies you will need for your demonstration (i.e., food processor, sauté pan, whisk, etc.). Please include types of serving bowls, platters, plates or glassware you would like to showcase your finished product. Please note that we will provide specifically what you request, so include everything you may need for your demo. The more specific, the better.
  • List the ingredients needed for your demonstration including quantities—please be specific! Please note that you will only be demonstrating; no samples will be served. Only 1–2 servings need to be prepped for showcasing, so please edit your list of ingredients accordingly from your published recipe. If you would like any extra items to show the crowd that aren’t official ingredients (for example, a display of artisanal salts or sprigs of rosemary to decorate the plate), please let us know.
  • We will have your demo prepped for you. Please provide specific prep instructions for your recipe(s).
  • PDF preferred, but Word .doc or .docx is fine. If you are uploaded more than one recipe, they all must be in a single file.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.