William Magnuson

William Magnuson is a professor at Texas A&M Law School, where he teaches corporate law. Prior to joining Texas A&M, he taught law at Harvard, worked as an associate in the mergers and acquisitions group of Sullivan & Cromwell, and served as a journalist in the Rome bureau of the Washington Post. He is the author of For Profit: A History of Corporations (Basic Books, 2022) and Blockchain Democracy: Technology, Law and the Rule of the Crowd (Cambridge University Press, 2020), as well as numerous scholarly articles in leading publications, including Harvard Business Law Review, The Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance, and The Harvard Journal on Legislation. His work has appeared in theĀ Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, L.A. Times, and Bloomberg. He holds a B.A. from Princeton University, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and an M.A. from the University of Padua.

Books by William Magnuson
For Profit: A History of Corporations