Roj Rodriguez

Roj Rodriguez is an Austin-based photographer. His first book, Mi Sangre, is a visual ballad to the land of his parents and to Mexicanidad as it is expressed on both sides of the U.S. / México border. Raised, educated, and trained in Houston, Roj later moved to New York City where he would live, love, and work for almost two decades, first as an assistant photographer and later as an artist and commercial photographer. His commercial assignments gave him the opportunity to travel around the world and meet people from different cultures. This awoke in him a desire to deepen the connections to his own cultural roots. Work from Mi Sangre has been acquired into the permanent collection of 6 fine art institutions including, The Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, The San Antonio Museum of Art, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles, The National Museum of Mexican American Art in Chicago, The Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, and The Wittliff Collections in San Marcos, Texas.

Books by Roj Rodriguez
Mi Sangre