Roberto "Dr. Cintli" Rodriguez †

Roberto “Dr. Cintli” Rodriguez, Ph.D., emeritus associate professor at the University of Arizona, longtime award-winning journalist/columnist and author, was the 2013 Baker-Clark Human Rights award recipient from American Educational Research Association, in defense of Ethnic Studies. He’s written numerous books including Our Sacred Maiz is our Mother & Yolqui: A Warrior Summoned from the Spirit World (2014 & 2019 UA PRESS). His Writing 50 years Amongst the Gringos (2021, Aztlan Libre Press) was one of the Gold Medal winners at the 2022 International Latino Book Awards. His latest project was working on the last of his trilogy: Smiling Brown, a book and project on color and color consciousness among Brown peoples in this country and on this continent. Previously, he wrote: Justice: A Question of Race; it documents his 7 ½ year quest for justice in the courtroom, stemming from a case of police brutality that almost cost him his life. His research focus at the University of Arizona is on Maiz culture on this continent, which includes its relationship to the Ethnic Studies controversies nationwide.

Books by Roberto "Dr. Cintli" Rodriguez †
Writing 50 Years (más o menos) Amongst the Gringos