Mando Rayo

Mando Rayo is a 2022 James Beard Foundation Awards nominee whose experience is deep-rooted in Latinx & BIPOC communities. Mando is a digital story-teller and uses his Latinx identity to inspire and build bridges through his production company, IDENTITY. From working with PBS ITVS, El Rey Network, Laredo Taco Company, Beef Loving Texans, Whataburger, People en Español y más, Mando shares stories through food, culture, documentaries, and digital platforms. As a Taco Journalist, food explorer, and street ethnographer, Mando has traveled across the US to uncover the tastiest tacos, from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to L.A. and New Orleans to New York City. He is the co-author of the books Austin Breakfast Tacos and The Tacos of Texas (University of Texas Press) and the Vitamina T for Tacos children’s book series (Jade Publishing). He is also the producer of the docuseries with PBS Digital Studios, United Tacos of America TV show on El Rey Network. Mando’s work has been featured on Bon Appetit Magazine, the Food Network, NPR, the New York Times, and SXSW. Recently Mando launched the Tacos of Texas Podcast with NPR’s KUT and KUT Studio in Austin, Texas.

Books by Mando Rayo
Vitamina T for Tacos