Maira Meza

Maira Meza is a first generation Chicana born in San Diego, California. Her parents—born in Tijuana, Baja California, and Villa Union, Sinaloa—arrived in Santa Cruz, California in 1965.

Growing up in low income apartments opened up an artistic opportunity for Maira. She had the privilege of entering and winning several national poster contests throughout her teenage years and she found art to be her favorite hobby. Her love for art was put at a halt when she started her own family as a young adult, giving birth to four beautiful children: Nina, Alejandra, Fernando, and Giselle.

In 2010, she faced another life changing event—here begins her unexpected life full of doctors, surgeries, and medications. It was, and continues to be, a long journey full of health complications. At a certain point, she was even forced to get around in a wheelchair for quite some time. Although this is where she found the time to reconnect with art after so many years of not doing so, she turned to art as an escape of her own reality. She turned to art for therapy, and to this day continues to escape the real world by letting her mind and hand bring her into a peaceful zone.

Given her medical situation, Frida Kahlo has been a major inspiration for Maira. In 2015, Maira first attempted painting. This is where she fell in love with the process and found it to be a part of her daily life. She was motivated by her fiancé to apply and share her work at group art shows throughout San Diego. Since then, Maira has been a part of many group art shows, has held two solo art exhibitions, illustrated the award winning children’s book, The Spirit of Chicano Park and also started her own business hosting paint night events at local businesses and schools in San Diego. COVID-19 brought us all uncertainties, so as a way for families to stay busy, she offered free paint sessions virtually and has painted with families across the nation, and even other countries including, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Maira looks forward to what the future has in store for her artwork and is grateful for all the opportunities and all her supporters.

Books by Maira Meza
The Spirit of Chicano Park / El espíritu del Parque Chicano