Lee Jamison

Lee Jamison has been painting images of Texas in landscapes, murals, and historical works since 1982. He has done extensive mural projects for clients such as The Driskill Hotel in Austin, the University of Texas in Austin, the Mayborn Museum Complex of Baylor University in Waco, the Waco Mammoths National Monument, and numerous other locations public and private throughout the state. Based in Huntsville, a favorite late home of the American hero and Andrew Jackson protégé Sam Houston, the artist has taken a particular interest in the too-little-told story of Houston’s life and his remarkable effect on both Texas and the rest of the United States. This has led to series work on both Sam Houston and on the Texas Revolution. Jamison’s new book, Ode to East Texas, published by Texas A&M Press, grew out of more than three and a half decades living in what he says is literally the Orient of Texas. He claims both the landscape and the people of the region are filled with their own special beauty. The book reflects his determination to rehabilitate East Texas as a subject in the canon of self-consciously “Texan” art. Jamison lives with his wife of 43 years, Melinda, and is a proud father of four and grandfather of three.

Books by Lee Jamison
Ode to East Texas