Kate Winkler Dawson

Kate Winkler Dawson is a seasoned documentary producer and crime historian whose work has appeared in the New York Times, WCBS News and ABC News Radio, PBS NewsHour, and Nightline. She is the creator and host of three hit podcasts: Tenfold More Wicked, Buried Bones, and Wicked Words. She is the author of American Sherlock: Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of American CSI, Death in the Air: The True Story of a Serial Killer, the Great London Smog, and the Strangling of a City and is a professor of journalism at The University of Texas at Austin. Her latest book is All That Is Wicked.

Books by Kate Winkler Dawson
All That Is Wicked: A Gilded-Age Story of Murder and the Race to Decode the Criminal Mind