Judd Servidio

Professional Chef Judd Servidio started his culinary journey in the north midwest state of Minneapolis. After culinary school and several stints at hotels Hyatt, Hilton, and local restaurants, his love for cooking brought him to Dallas. Here he became of sous chef at the Melrose Hotel. From there he moved on to help open Abacus Restaurant with Chef Kent Rathbun. He spent 3 years as a sous chef and then moved out west to work under 2 star Michelin chef Daniel Patterson. After almost a decade in the restaurant business he decided to start his own catering business. After several years of building the business he got a call from John Paul and Eloise Dejoria (Owner of Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila) to cook for them. After 4 months of part time they offered him a full time position as their personal chef. Now 15 years and counting it has been quite the ride!

Books by Judd Servidio
Salt and Vanilla