Festival Friends Pass

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A Festival Friends Pass is our way of saying thank you to the people who support the Festival financially. Generous Friends of the Festival help keep the Festival free for 50,000 attendees! As a non-profit organization, the Texas Book Festival depends on these contributions, and this is our small way of showing our gratitude. If you donate $100 or more, we will send you a Festival Friends Pass which can be used at the 2017 Texas Book Festival.

What are the perks of a Festival Friends Pass?

1. Impress your friends! Each Festival Friends Pass is good for you and a guest.

2. Reduce time waiting in line. There are so many long lines in Austin, but you’ll be at the front of any lines at Festival Friends Pass- designated sessions.

3. Pretend to be a Legislator for a session. Select Festival Friends Pass sessions will be held in the House Chamber, and you will get first dibs on those big comfy chairs.

4. A real letter, in the mail, containing your Festival Friends Pass.

5. The happiness associated with knowing that you are an integral part of this Texas tradition, and you have helped keep the Festival free for thousands of people.

Who benefits from your Festival Friends Pass?

1. Over 250 authors annually, over the past 22 years who have appeared at the Texas Book Festival. We love sharing these hardworking authors, musicians, and artists with the people of Texas!

2. Disadvantaged children in Title I schools the TBF selects to be Reading Rock Stars schools. Your dollars help bring authors and their books to each child in the school– more than 81,000 books given out to date!

3. Tens of thousands of teenagers who attend both the Texas Book Festival and the Texas Teen Book Festival.

4. The 600+ libraries that have received nearly $3 million in grants over 22 years. Don’t forget those public libraries, y’all.

5. The 50,000 people who attend the Festival every year, without having to buy a badge, pay for tickets, or be an insider. This free Festival is for everyone!


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Here’s a vintage shot of TBF Staff and Interns modeling the 2015 Festival Friends Pass!