Writing From a Place: At the Crossroads of Geography, Identity, and Art
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Sunday, October 27, 2019
Capitol Extension Room 1.016
1100 Congress Avenue, Austin TX

The defining forces and backdrops of geography are at the heart of phenomenal new collections of short fiction by Rion Amilcar Scott (The World Doesn’t Require You), Kali Fajardo-Anstine (Sabrina & Corina) and Bryan Washington (Lot). From the fictional town of Cross River, Maryland, to indigeneous Latinas in Denver, to the neighborhoods and characters of Houston, these collections illuminate the intersection of geography and identity as they catapult their characters into experiences and revelations simultaneously unique to their terrain and universal to readers.

  • Moderator: Richard Santos
  • Book Signing: 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. Texas Monthly TBF Book Signing Tent

Rion Amilcar Scott, Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Bryan Washington, The World Doesn’t Require You, SABRINA & CORINA: STORIES, Lot: Stories


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