Environmental Activism: Past and Present
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Sunday, November 6, 2022
Book TV on C-SPAN 2
Congress and 11th Street, Austin TX

Join for a dialogue on the environmental movement—its resonant past and its yet-to-be determined future. New York Times–bestselling author and acclaimed presidential historian Douglas Brinkley will discuss his new history of the environmental awakening of the Long Sixties (1960–1973), Silent Spring Revolution. Veteran environmentalist and Delaware Riverkeeper Maya K. van Rossum, author of her newly updated book, The Green Amendment, will discuss her visionary solution for saving the planet: bypass the failed strategy of legislative environmentalism and aim instead to directly amend our state and federal constitutions.

Moderator: Brian Sweany, formerly of Texas Monthly and a principal at Genuine Article, an independent Dallas-based communications firm
Douglas Brinkley, Maya K. van Rossum, Silent Spring Revolution: John F. Kennedy, Rachel Carson, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and the Great Environmental Awakening, The Green Amendment: The People’s Fight for a Clean, Safe, and Healthy Environment


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