Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, the TBF staff is delighted to spotlight some of their favorite reads by authors featured at the 2023 Texas Book Festival. Additionally, we invite our audiences to support AAPI authors year-round by purchasing their books, sharing their work online and offline, and attending their virtual and in-person events.

“This charming story about two friends, one real and one imaginary, is sure to make readers smile and tug on their heartstrings as well. With themes of friendship, believing, and loss, this is a book that young children, adults, and everyone in between will undoubtedly relate to. Picture books are for everyone, and this is one not to be missed.” – Michelle Hernandez, Director of Youth Programs

“Ava Chin takes us on a journey through both her maternal and paternal family stories and in doing so, provides an expansive overview of the Chinese-immigrant experience in America since the 1900s. I have always been fascinated by New York City’s Chinatown and enjoyed delving into this rich history through the study of two memorable families who inhabited the same apartment building in the heart of Chinatown for many years. Equally interesting is the historical backdrop that Chin so expertly paints.” – Susannah Auby, Development Director

“This gripping story explores the dark side of the wellness and beauty industry through a fictional lens. When a piano prodigy abandons her craft in the wake of a traumatic event, she goes to work for an upscale wellness boutique in New York City. As the protagonist immerses herself in all her new employer has to offer, she begins to discover a series of unsettling revelations that demonstrate the truly sinister nature of her workplace. This thought-provoking debut novel forces the reader to consider their own role in consumerism and the ways in which toxic beauty standards shape our society.” – Hannah Gabel, Literary Director

“This captivating sci-fi thriller debut bounces back and forth in time amidst Earth’s environmental collapse. In the present, a lethal bomb erupts on board a spaceship carrying eighty people charged with starting a new civilization. Asuka Hoshino-Silva’s investigation of the incident interweaves with flashbacks to her childhood selection for the mission and her mixed emotions over being chosen to represent Japan as a half-Japanese girl raised in America. Though I’m not usually drawn to the space voyage subgenre of speculative fiction, The Deep Sky quickly enthralled me through its memorable characters, intricate worldbuilding, and artful incorporation of modern issues and social conflicts. I look forward to reading more of Kitasei’s work!” – Anna Dolliver, Operations & Literary Coordinator

“A tender story that shines a touching light on the intricacies of pursuing your passion and doing so bravely. It’s Boba Time for Pearl Li covers difficult and important conversations about how creative pursuits are complicated by cultural expectations and is inspiring in a way I wish I could have had exposure to when I was her age!” – Becky Gomez, Digital Design & Content Coordinator