Summer at the library: Austin Central Library

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This summer, Texas Book Festival will be talking to different librarians all around the great state of Texas to hear about what their libraries have planned for the summer.

From our very own Austin Central Library comes Zarissa Cline, a reference librarian who’s been working with the library since 2011. As chair of the adult programming advisory team, Cline works to help create and promote the library’s summer programs.

According to Cline, the summer reading program, the Book Your Summer Program, includes eight different program types that are spread all over the city.


“[The programs] are spread across the city at different library locations and they all provide a different service for a different part of the community,” Cline said. “But, they have the same theme of being geared to encourage reading through providing opportunities for our community to come together. Part of our goal is bringing people to the library who might not have considered it as an option to visit otherwise.”

In addition to their adult programs, the youth librarians at the  Austin Central Library also offer summer programs for kids and teens. Their kids programs include includes reading sheets that kids can turn in for a free book and displays for children’s interests like dinosaurs and podcasts.


“Kids can go ‘oh, I love this! I want to learn more about it’” and get excited about a topic and an activity sort of helps connect them to reading as a way to discover more about the things they like.”

The first event of the summer season was their Pride Prom, on June 7th. The prom featured lip syncs and drag shows, as well as displays of pride themed books. Cline said that the event was a successful way to let everyone, in all communities, know they were welcome at the library.

“Folks who came in said that they felt like they could be themselves and felt welcome at the library,” Cline said. “Everyone was able to engage in a way that they were excited they were happy to be here and they felt included and wanted at the library, and in our community.”

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