Abandoned Places: Searching for Truth Amidst Physical and Emotional Ruins
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Saturday, November 11, 2023
Capitol Extension Room E2.030
1100 Congress Avenue, AUSTIN Texas

Pack your bags for vivid journeys as Joyce Maynard and Dominic Smith take you to decaying and memory-rich destinations. While Return to Valetto centers a historian visiting his family in a nearly abandoned village, The Bird Hotel follows a heartbroken young artist restoring a decaying hotel in a small Central American town. Join Maynard and Smith as their protagonists excavate their personal lives while delving into the mysteries of these sparsely inhabited places and the stories of the people still living within them.

Moderator: Susannah Auby

Book Signing: 3:30 PM at Main Signing TentDominic Smith, Joyce Maynard, Return to Valetto, The Bird HotelDominic Smith, Joyce Maynard, Return to Valetto, The Bird Hotel


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