Up Your Alley: Genre Fiction at TBF 2017

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Romance, crime fiction, science fiction, horror; if genre is your alley, we have sessions at this year’s Texas Book Festival for you to check out and authors you have to meet. Take a look and plan your schedule for the November 4-5 Texas Book Festival Weekend! 



Afrofuturism: 2017
Nicky Drayden and Deji Bryce Olukotun
Saturday, November 4  2:45 PM – 3:30 PM
Capitol Extension Room 2.014
In the 1990s, author Mark Dery coined the term “Afrofuturism” to include the expression of black identity, art and experience in forms that envisioned the future. From Octavia Butler to The Whiz and Sun Ra, the label has been applied retroactively as it’s become a modern genre. Nicky Drayden (The Prey of Gods) and Deji Bryce Olukoton (After the Flare) talk about their new science fiction novels and the shape of Afrofuturism in 2017.


Flights of Fantasy
K Arsenault Rivera and Natasha Pulley
Sunday, November 5  11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Capitol Extension Room 2.026
Through magical quests, and mysterious lands across time; Natasha Pulley (The Bedlam Stacks) and K Arsenault Rivera (The Tiger’s Daughter) discuss their deep dives into the past to craft exhilarating tales of adventure in their epic new historical fantasy novels. Join them as they discuss the art of turning history into page-turning fantasy.


Flipping the Villain: Good, Evil and In Between in SFF
Robert Jackson Bennett and Patrick Hemstreet
Sunday, November 5  12:00PM – 12:45 PM
Capitol Extension Room 1.012
A fugitive assassin out for revenge. Renegade superhumans on a path of destruction. These characters sound like dark villains, but in new sci-fi/fantasty novels by Robert Jackson Bennett (City of Miracles) and Patrick Hemstreet (The God Peak), the forces of death may be sources of transcendence. Join them for a discussion of writing the flipside of evil and crafting complex, unexpected characters.


It’s A Science Fiction Universe: Sci Fi Writing in Texas
Nicky Drayden, C. Robert Cargill, Christopher Brown, Patrick Hemstreet
Sunday, November 5  2:00 PM
Omni Capital Ballroom
Sci fi authors Nicky Drayden, C. Robert Cargill, Christopher Brown, and Patrick Hemstreet are well-acquainted with the “out of this world” book nerd culture that Texas has to offer. Each writer puts a unique spin on their intrepid explorations of the various sci fi subgenres, from far-future cyberpunk wastelands, to dystopias, to genetic engineering, to near-future robot uprisings, and beyond. Join them as they discuss the origins of science fiction as a genre, its future—and the role that modern-day authors are playing in shaping, exploring, and keeping this genre gloriously weird.



Any Way You Want It: Sex Positivity and Consent in Romance and Media
Sunday, November 5  11:00 AM
Capitol Extension 2.014
Alisha Rai, Jessica Luther
Media mirrors the society it is created in, and romance and genre fiction are no different. Join attorney and romance author Alisha Rai (Hate to Want You) and journalist and historian Jessica Luther for a frank discussion on our current culture and writing successful, sexy, sex-positive and feminist books no matter what your genre.


Diversity and Desire in Romance
Sherry Thomas, Alisha Rai, Cat Sebastian, Mia Sosa, Cathy Maxwell
Sunday, November 5  12:30 PM
Omni Capital Ballroom

Looking for stories to make your heart pound? Leave those classic bodice-rippers on the shelf and join us for a swoon-worthy session with authors Sherry Thomas, Alisha Rai, Cat Sebastian, and Mia Sosa, moderated by Cathy Maxwell. These all-star romance writers will talk about how their new novels reflect real life, showcase diversity along with desire, and make you believe in Happily Ever After again.



The Long Reach of Crime
Saturday, November 4  10:00 AM
Capitol Extension Room 2.030
Meg Gardiner, Jan Reid
A young detective chases the serial killer her father couldn’t stop. A Texan steps into the long-standing political bombings, assassinations, and violence in the Basque region. Meg Gardiner (Unsub) and Jan Reid (Sins of the Younger Sons) discuss the art of plotting generational vendettas and long arms of crime that reach across continents and character arcs.


Small Towns, Simmering Tensions and Modern Western Crime
Saturday, November 4  3:30 PM
First United Methodist Church
Attica Locke, Adam Sternbergh
Small towns, simmering fault lines, dust on the boots of the dead; how have rural noir and small town crime novels changed over the years? How have they remained the same? What does it mean to write a modern western crime novel when America is confronting deep cultural divides? Authors Attica Locke (Bluebird, Bluebird) and Adam Sternbergh (The Blinds) talk about the role of western crime novels and their suspenseful new Texas-set books.

The Accidental Detective
Sunday, November 5  11:00 AM
Capitol Extension Room 2.016
Jeff Abbott, Bradley Spinelli
A washed-up journalist on his last dime accepts a big paycheck to find a missing girl. A woman responsible for a fatal accident stumbles down the rabbit hole of what happened on the night she cannot remember. Bradley Spinelli and Jeff Abbott talk about the art of the accidental detective in their hard-boiled noir and psychological thrillers.


True Crime Close to Home
Sunday, November 5  11:00 AM
C-Span/BookTV Tent
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Ben Blum
In riveting accounts of unthinkable crimes, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich (The Fact of a Body) and Benjamin Blum (Ranger Games) spiral closer to the truths of their families, and themselves, as they unravel the mysteries they investigate. Join them as they discuss high-stake investigations that lead them down paths that wind close to home.


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