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The Texas Book Festival is excited to once again partner with ¡Ahora Sí!, the Austin American-Statesman’s Spanish language newspaper, to present the Ahora Sí Tent. The Ahora Sí Tent, located on Congress Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets, is home to bilingual programming for children and adults and conversations about Latinx culture. The mornings begin with readings from children’s books; as the day progresses, panel discussions turn towards Mexico’s history, Latinx fiction, food and more. Check out the description below for the exciting panels that the Ahora Sí Tent has to offer – we hope to see you there!


Saturday, November 4


Saturday, November 4 10:00-10:30
Bilingual Storytime with Juana Martinez Neal

Join us for a special bilingual storytime with illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal! She’ll read from La Princesa and the Pea, a retelling of the classic story The Princess and the Pea infused with Spanish vocabulary and vivid new illustrations.

Saturday, November 4 10:30-11:00
Bilingual Storytime with Monica Brown

Award-winning author Monica Brown reads Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos, based on the life of one of the world’s most influential painters, Frida Kahlo, and the animals that inspired her art and life.


Saturday, November 4 11:15-12:15
Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award
Francisco X. Stork, F. Isabel Campoy, Theresa Howell, Rafael López

Celebrate the winners of this year’s Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award! Join YA author Francisco X. Stork (Disappeared) and the authors and illustrator of the picture book Maybe Something Beautiful, F. Isabel Campoy, Theresa Howell, and Rafael López. They’ll discuss the meaning and history of the award and why it’s vital to honor, share and support Latino literature for young readers.


Saturday, November 4 12:30-1:15
Ficción Nueva Latina
Natalia Sylvester, Sarah Rafael Garcia, Christine Granados

Join Christine Granados (Fight Like A Man), Sarah Rafael Garcia (SanTana’s Fairy Tales) as they read from their new work, collections of short fiction and enchanting, progressives fairy tales, with author Natalia Sylvester.


Saturday, November 4 2:30-3:15
Ripped From the Headlines: From TV Anchor to Novelist
Olga Campos Benz

Olga Campos Benz, one of the most successful and recognized news anchors in Texas, discusses her new novel, It’s News to Me. Set in the fast-paced world of TV news, Benz’s new novel tells the page-turning story of a Latina journalist who stumbles on a huge exclusive that pits her against ruthless criminals. Benz discusses the art of transforming life in front of the camera to riveting fiction on the page, as well as the experiences she drew on to write a strong Latina main character who sets out to prove she can handle more than fluff pieces.


Saturday, November 4 3:30-4:15
México Y La Frontera: Pasado Y Presente
Paco Ignacio Taibo, Francisco Cantú

Presentado en Español. Paco Ignacio Taibo III, el galardonado periodista basado en Ciudad de México, y el ex guardia fronterizo de Estados Unidos Francisco Cantú, autor de The Line Becomes A River, discuten cómo la historia política y cultural de México comunica las circunstancias actuales en la frontera. También hablarán sobre cómo se forja la historia en la frontera, ahora que la violencia de drogas, la migración, y la intervención de los Estados Unidos marcan una nueva era.


Saturday, November 4 2:30-3:15
La Newyorkina: Celebrando los Dulces de México
Fany Gerson

Presentado en Español. Fany Gerson fundó La Newyorkina después de un viaje a México—su país natal—para compartir y celebrar increíbles dulces y helados del México. Finalista del James Beard Award y la autora de dos libros de cocina, la misión de Gerson es de compartir la deliciosa dulzura de México que se ha reunido con gran éxito. Juntarse con ella para una discusión de su trabajo, sus experiencias como una mujer de negocios culinaria, y su nuevo libro, Mexican Ice Cream.


Sunday, November 5


Sunday, November 5 11:00-11:30
Bilingual Storytime with Cynthia Leonor Garza

Author Cynthia Leonor Garza reads Lucía the Luchadora, a story about courage, cultural legacy, and a young girl who calls on her family’s history of luchadoras, the bold and valiant women of the Mexican lucha libre tradition, to confront a case of injustice.


Sunday, November 5 11:30-12:00
Bilingual Storytime with Jorge Argueta 

Award-winning author Jorge Argueta reads Agüa, Agüita / Water, Little Water, a beautiful, poetic ode to the life-giving force of water that describes in English, Spanish and Nahuat the life cycle of water from the perspective of one drop.


Sunday, November 5 12:30-1:15
Why Our Stories Matter: The Latina/Xincax Perspective
Barbara Renaud Gonzalez

Join Chicanx writer Barbara Renaud Gonzalez, former columnist and author of the new book, Las Nalgas de JLo, as she talks about Latina/Xicanx opinion, perspective, and the journey of writing the columns, articles, reviews, and poems in her new collection. Juan Tejeda will accompany on the accordion as Gonzalez shares personal and Texas images.


Sunday, November 5 1:45-2:45
Imaniman Reading
Ire’ne Silva, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Nadine Saliba

In homage to Gloria Anzaldúa and her iconic work Borderlands/La Frontera, award-winning poets ire’ne lara silva and Dan Vera have assembled the work of 54 writers in Imaniman, a reflection on the complex terrain—the deeply felt psychic, social, and geopolitical borderlands—that Anzaldúa inhabited, theorized, explored, and invented. Join poets Ire’ne Silva, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Nadine Saliba and John Fry as they read their contributions to this new collection.


Sunday, November 5 3:00-3:45
Novel Performance: La Roja
Joseph Huerta 

Joseph Huerta’s debut novel, La Roja, is a suspenseful, coming-of-age narrative set in McAllen, South Texas, along the Mexican border. Join Huerta, author Manuel Gonzales, and student actor/readers America Gonzalez & Carlos Canal as they perform scenes from this captivating novel that explores the complexity of this distinct landscape.