Volunteer at the Texas Book Festival

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Want to experience the Festival in a new way? Sign up to be a volunteer! You can volunteer a little or a lot! Don’t take our word for it though; see what our volunteers are saying:

There’s many reasons why I enjoy volunteering for TBF, but I think the biggest reason is to feel the ‘behind the scenes’ atmosphere of TBF. I began volunteering in 2011 as an author escort and was fascinated with how TBF operated. Everything seemed so well organized; everyone knew what they were doing and where they were supposed to be. As an author escort, I was the face of TBF to that author, welcoming them to Austin, to our state capitol, and to the Festival. I eventually moved to volunteering at the CSPAN tent and fell in love with welcoming the authors to the tent and the operations of the tent. It’s a great way to meet people and help out where I’m needed at the Festival. I look forward to volunteering every year!
-Kelly Lyttle, Volunteer
Volunteering for The Texas Book Festival provides a multi-level service opportunity to help, work, interact, and cross paths with people of different backgrounds, that you would never meet elsewhere, while engaged in the multi-levels and facets of making the Festival a successful and enjoyable event. Plus, you’ll proudly wear the Texas Book Fest T-shirt in blithe abandon as your badge of courage.
-Paul Doyle, Volunteer


I love volunteering for the Texas Book Festival – you never know who you’ll meet!  Wait, I take that back, you do know!  You’ll meet some of the best, hottest authors year after year. There are so many ways to volunteer and serve the thousands of visitors to this FREE festival in Austin. I enjoy escorting authors around our amazing Texas State Capitol and showing them some Texas hospitality.  Come join us!
-Tracy Young, Volunteer


To me, the Texas Book Festival is keeping reading alive. In a world moving at the speed of its internet connection speed, there’s something very beautiful about slowing down to turn pages, whether those pages are physical or digital. With text-speak abbreviations mangling our language, it’s reassuring to know there is an organization promoting actual reading and writing. I love the Festival for what it stands for and what it accomplishes. Being on the Festival grounds each year is invigorating and inspiring. I feel cultured and intelligent just by osmosis!
-Laura Abadiano, Volunteer