Volunteer Spotlight: Roger Polson

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Roger Polson has been with the Texas Book Festival since its beginnings 18 years ago. Friends involved with planning the Festival first recruited Polson to coordinate the entertainment for the Music Tent.

When asked about some of his experiences with the Texas Book Festival, Polson fondly recalls an incident from the first-ever Festival in 1996. “The committee was small, maybe 8-10 people,” he said. “As the event drew to a close on Sunday afternoon, we were together on the street feeling pretty good about the way things went. Then we realized that there was quite a mess of trash left along the street, and we proceeded to stop the back-patting and pick up the mess. Lesson learned, and the next year, a volunteer clean-up crew was added.”

Besides working with the staff, Polson’s favorite part of volunteering is savoring the Festival’s music scene on Sunday afternoons. Polson expressed his appreciation that the Festival has included music in its program since the beginning, adding that the musicians “show up with great attitudes and put on inspired performances.”