Texas Teen Book Festival Exhibitor Booth Contract Terms and Conditions


The Texas Teen Book Festival (TTBF) will host its annual Festival on October 6, 2018, in Austin, Texas.  TTBF shall have the power to interpret and enforce these terms and conditions governing exhibitors. All matters and questions not covered by these terms and conditions shall be subject to the final judgment and decision of TTBF. This exhibitor booth contract, when properly executed and payment has been made in full, shall be a binding agreement between the two parties.

Applications and Eligibility

Application for booth space must be made solely through the 2018 Exhibitor Application & Contract. TTBF reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any exhibit for inclusion in the Festival. The acceptance of a booth does not carry TTBF’s endorsement of the exhibitor’s books, merchandise, or service. TTBF reserves the absolute right to require the modification or removal of any exhibit that, in TTBF’s sole and unreviewable discretion, is not in character with the event.

Agreement to Conditions

Each exhibitor, for itself and its employees, agrees to abide by these terms and conditions and agrees that the sole and final authority over the event shall belong to TTBF.

Assignment of Space

Booth assignments will be made, in TTBF’s sole and unreviewable discretion, on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into consideration the date an application and payment are received, the amount of space requested, and special needs and compatibility of exhibitors. TTBF reserves the absolute right, in accordance with its sole and unreviewable discretion to arrange the floor plan and locate the assigned space for booths.

Care of Exhibit Space

The exhibitor will keep its booth space in good, safe and working order.  The Exhibit area is a non-smoking area; smoking is NOT allowed in any building, or within 15’ of any buildings, tents, or structures. 

Exhibitors are not permitted to bring extra furniture to their booth space, including any extra tables, chairs, or other bulky items that would add to their footprint. 

Operating and Vacating Hours

The exhibitor will maintain and operate booths between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2018. The exhibitor will remove all contents of booths no earlier than 5 p.m. and no later than 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

Subletting of Space

The exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any space allotted to it and shall not advertise or display goods other than those sold by such exhibitor in the regular course of its business. The space assigned to the exhibitor is for its own exclusive use and may be used only for the display and sale of its goods and services.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to TBF. 50% refunds will be honored on cancellations received by or before 5:00 p.m. on August 14, 2018.  No refunds will be issued for requests made after this time.


The exhibitor assumes the risk of loss and all liability for any damages, liability, or expenses, arising from, out of or by reason of the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises, or any part thereof.  The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless TBF from any damage, liability, or expense arising from or out of any loss or injury to any property or person, including the exhibitor, its agents, sponsors, employees, and business invitees, which arise from or out of or by reason of the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof. The exhibitor is encouraged to insure itself against property loss or damage and against liability for personal injury at its own expense.


All property of Exhibitor will remain under Exhibitor’s custody and control at all times. TTBF is not liable for loss or damages

Sales & Sales Tax

If sales are taken at your booth, a Texas Sales Tax Permit is required. The permit can be obtained free of charge on the website of the Texas Comptroller (http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxpermit/), by calling the Office of the Comptroller at (512) 463-4865 or 800-252-5555, or by contacting the office in writing at 1711 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 180, Austin, Texas 78701-1416. Sales of books by 2018 TTBF authors are not permitted at exhibitor booths.