Session Feature: The Secret History of Twin Peaks

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“Talking to Mark Frost is like talking to a wise leprechaun that took you a really long time to track down and capture. Having worked alongside David Lynch as a writer and co-creator of one of the most widely pondered and tantalizingly confusing TV shows, Twin Peaks, he holds in his brain the answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the fictional town and the characters who live there, and a great deal of them will stay in his brain.”

– GQ interview with Mark Frost, 10/18/16


This is a major week in the realm of Twin Peaks legend and lore: The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the new novel by series co-creator Mark Frost, is now on shelves. Take a look:


Comprised of a variety of documents compiled by “The Archivist” and dating back to the arrival of Lewis and Clark, this tome of myth, legend and insight offers up clues through the end of the first series.

Frost recently chatted with GQ about the making of the book and the series. For a more in-depth discussion, be in the room when Mark Frost sits down with Austin Film Festival founder Barbara Morgan at the Texas Book Festival on Sunday, November 6 at 12:30pm. Afterwards, he’ll sign copies of his book.


WHO: Mark Frost
WHAT: In conversation with Barbara Morgan
WHEN: Sunday, November 6  12:30PM
WHERE: Texas Book Festival, Omni Ballroom