Reading Rock Stars Houston Authors

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We are excited to announce our new schools for Reading Rockstars Houston! The 2017 schools are Blackshear, Cunningham, Kashmere Garden, and Port Houston. Every school is a Title I public elementary school, and the program has been made possible with the incredible work from the classroom teachers and school librarian. The Texas Book Festival’s Reading Rock Stars program will be sending nationally recognized authors into our new Houston schools with the hope of inspiring creative young readers. Read the authors bios below!


Jorge Tetle Argueta, born in in El Salvador, writes picture books and poetry for children. His family owned a small restaurant known for it’s delicious food. He grew up listening to great stories while gathering for meals. He was inspired by these stories over yummy food to become a writer! His book, Agua Agüita Water Little Water, is written in both Spanish and English.






Kelly Starling Lyons began her journey to become a children’s book author from her hometown of Pittsburgh. Her mom taught her the art of storytelling who took her to productions at a children’s playhouse, wrote plays and made up creative bedtime stories. Her grandparents, who showed her imagination through cooking and gardening, inspired her to start writing. Lyon’s now transforms moments, memories and history into stories of discovery. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and children. There she runs a book club that celebrates literary treasures by black children’s book creators of the past and present.




Lulu Delacre is a world traveler living in Puerto Rico, Argentina, France and now the United States. An award winning author, Lulu enjoys writing her books in two languages to connect different cultures. She especially enjoys to garden and spend her time in nature. Her book Olinguito A-Z is about a newly discovered animal in the rainforest!





Ellen Oh, originally from New York City, is the founder of We Need Diverse Books and the author of the Prophecy trilogy (Prophecy, Warrior, and King) for young adults. Spirit Hunters is her fourth book for young children. Ellen lives in Bethesda Maryland with her husband and three daughters. She claims to have yet to satisfy her quest for a decent bagel.







Crystal Allen just received a Florida Sunshine State Award Master List nomination and a Junior Library Guild selection for her book How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy. She is also the author of admired middle grade novels, The Laura Line, and The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Spirit Week Showdown. Now Crystal lives in Sugar Land, Texas with her husband, Reggie, and two sons, Phillip and Joshua.







Nate Ball, a mechanical engineering who inventor “The Ascender” a rope-climbing device used by soldiers and rescue workers, is a total daredevil. He free-runs up walls and trees just for the thrill. Nate is the author of the Alien in my Pocket series and Let’s Investigate with Nate series. In his spare time, he hosts a reality series for kids called “Design Squad,” which includes a team of ridiculously smart kids using their engineering skills to design and build actual products for real-world clients. He also is a two-time All-American pole-vaulter and a competitive beat-boxer. He currently lives with his wife in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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