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A: The Revised Texas Book Festival Library Grants Guidelines!


Since the Texas Book Festival’s (TBF) founding in 1995, it has been a part of the TBF’s mission to promote Texas libraries and literacy. Each year, funds raised at the annual Texas Book Festival support grants that are distributed the following year. Since 1996, the organization has donated more than $2.5 million to more than 600 libraries across Texas.

The Texas Book Festival recently met with the Texas Library Association (TLA) to review and revise TBF’s Library Grants guidelines. No changes were made to the categories of grants awarded and grants will still be awarded in the following three categories: Technology, Collections Enhancement, and Literacy Initiative.

  • Technology Grants assist libraries in purchasing distance education equipment, upgrading internet connections, purchasing new or upgraded hardware and software for patrons’ use, or hiring IT consultants to assist in upgrading hardware, software, internet connections and security. This grant may also be used to provide training for patrons on specific software and to purchase or upgrade library check-out systems. Technology grants are funded up to $5000.
  • Collection Enhancement Grants support libraries in replacing worn books and adding new books to the collection. They serve to upgrade or increase book collections, e-books, books on CD, and special collections in support of community needs. Collection Enhancement Grants are funded up to $2500.
  • Literacy Initiative Grants fund sustainable programs that increase literacy in the community. These programs can be targeted at a specific community or audience and can include funding for the materials required to support the literacy initiative. Literacy Initiative grants are funded up to $5000.

The new guidelines and major changes will be posted on the Library Grants page along with the applications Wednesday, November 20th, 2013.

To see past winners and learn more about TBF’s grants visit our Library Grants page. To make a donation to support Texas Public Libraries, visit our donation page