Past Fiction Contest Winners


Theme: End Of Days

7th-8th Grade Winners

First Place: Winter Sky

Second Place: Strangers and Aliens 

Third Place: Freedom’s Price


9th-10th Grade Winners

First Place: Rebirth

Second Place: Strangers at the Funeral 

Third Place: L’inizio di Notti (The Beginning of Nights) 


11th – 12th Grade Winners

First Place: Killing Jack Bennett 

Second Place: Anywhere But Here 

Third Place: Keep Your Face to the Sun 



Theme: Goodbye to All That

7th-8th Grade Winners

First Place: Bailee Moore of Spring for Goodbye to All That

Second Place: Brennan Pierce of Childress for The Karma Car

Third Place: Samsara Counts of Fort Worth for Horse Camp 


9th-10th Grade Winners

First Place: Elisa Molina of Houston for C’Est La Vie 

Second Place: Leah Welker of San Antonio for The Memory Chest 

Third Place: Brittany Justice of China Spring for Finding Faith, Losing Veils 


11th – 12th Grade Winners

First Place: Aza Pace of Tyler for Michael 

Second Place: Destiny Bickel of Saginaw for Because He Likes It 

Third Place: Alejandra Garza of Hebbronville for Speak Not I 



Theme: In My Own Backyard

7th-8th Grade

First Place: Buried Secrets by Jackson de Jong of Mission, Texas 

Second Place: In My Own Backyard by Emily Tang of Plano, Texas

Third Place: In the Backyard of My Mind by Erica Valdez of Mission, Texas


9th-10th Grade

First Place: Gone in a Moment by Rechna Korula of Sugarland, Texas 

Second Place: Just My Luck by Steven Dao or Houston, Texas

Third Place: It’s Just the Beginning by Tannar Thomas of Woodson, Texas


11th – 12th Grade

First Place: Discovery in the Garden by McKenzie Dunn of Granger, Texas

Second Place: All That Glitters by Lindsey Maxon of Arlington, Texas

Third Place: The Kiss by Cara Rogerson of Fort Worth, Texas



Theme: Last Man Standing

7-8th Grade:

First Place: The Drop by Alex Gonzalez, Edinburg, TX 

Second Place: The Story of Susanna Dickinson: Alamo Survivor by Macey Shay, Fairview, TX

Third Place: Redemption by Tanner Thomas, Woodson, TX


9-10th Grade:

First Place: Black Widow by Micaela Marini Higgs, Houston, TX 

Second Place: Stand Up and Be Heard by Jason Alexander Herrera, Laredo, TX

Third Place: Clayton Foster by Dillon O’Dell, Woodson, TX


11-12th Grade:

First place: Ode to Gloria by Ashley Haynie, Wichita Falls, TX 

Second place: For Harry… by Joshua Howell, San Antonio, TX

Third place: Last Man Standing by Teresa Longoria, Laredo, TX