Library Grant Application Cycle 2016-2017


Applications are now closed. 

* Note: Library Grants will be awarded in April 2017 at the TLA conference in San Antonio,TX.


Collection Enhancement Grants support libraries in replacing worn books and adding new books to the collection. They serve to upgrade or increase book collections, e-books, books on CD, and special collections in support of community needs. Collection Enhancement Grants are funded up to $2,500. Requests for E-content will be funded up to $1,500.

*A Note About E-Content: E-book subscription services and the individual purchasing of e-books may be funded if the library already has a subscription service and e-readers established. If the library is seeking funding for subscription services and e-books, the library must include details about its current e-readers and subscription services in section 1A of the grant application. As the purpose of the TBF Collection Enhancement grants is to enhance public content through sustainable collections, TBF funds should not be used to initiate e-content subscriptions when no history of ongoing funding is present. The TBF funds can be used to increase demand for e-content supply when the requesting library has a history of sustaining such content through local funding. E-content will be funded up to $1,500.



 *Please read guidelines carefully as some of our policies have changed.


 Any Texas public library that reports to Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is eligible to apply for TBF grants. Public library standards are promulgated through the TSLAC and are codified in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 1, Chapter 1, Subchapter C. Essentially, these requirements stipulate a certain number of hours open, free access to the public, and minimal staffing and materials levels. The purpose of using these state standards is to ensure that any entity applying for TBF funds does, indeed, function as a public library serving the needs of a community. 

Only Texas public libraries are eligible to submit applications. In the case of joint-use libraries (such as joint public-school libraries or joint public-community college libraries), the library is still eligible to apply.

On Applying:

  •  Three copies of the completed application must be postmarked no later than January 27, 2017 to:
  • Texas Book Festival Grants
    Texas Library Association
    3355 Bee Cave Road, Suite 401
    Austin, Texas 78746-6763
  •  No email or faxed applications will be accepted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please use this map to fill out your district boundary on the first page of fill-in-the-blank responses.

Maximum Award Granted

 1. Each individual Collections Enhancement grant is capped at $2,500. No single library site can apply for or receive more than $2,500 for Collections Enhancement.

 2. A library with multiple sites can apply for up to three grants total, for a sum of $7,500. Each site must complete its own application. Each grant application is scored individually.


If you have questions you may contact Texas Book Festival Outreach Coordinator, Lea Bogner, at or 512-477-4055.


Examples of Winning Applications:

Collections Enhancement Example A

Collections Enhancement Example B