What I’m Reading: Will Evans, Deep Vellum Publishing, Dallas

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will evansCurrently reading Claire Vaye Watkins’ impressive short story collection Battleborn after being blown away by her at the Texas Book Festival in her discussion with my friend Zachary Karabashliev (his novel 18% Gray rules too). These stories are breathtaking, haunting, I read a line last night right before falling asleep I don’t think I’ll ever forget, about a peacock’s death cry coming to stand for America. I think I dreamt of it. This book is seriously messing me up. These stories are brilliant, completely unromantic portraits of life in the West, in the desert, as it is today, like nothing I’ve ever read before: weird, lonely, and tragic with a bit of beauty in the emptiness and sunsets. 


And at the same time, I just started Time Regained by Marcel Proust, book 7 in his epic novel In Search of Lost Time, which I’m reading with a Goodreads group in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Swann’s Way, the first book in the novel. Been reading it since January 1, and the reading is scheduled til December 31, and I’m right on schedule, I’m proud to say, and I feel like the narrator, the Monsieur, Marcel himself, has become a part of me, he’s like an intimate friend now, I’ve been living inside his (insanely eloquent) brain for a year now! And I fell in love with Albertine along the way, but don’t we all. 


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