Session Feature: Great Expectations: Being A Woman in 2016

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Ladies, let’s talk.

What a woman should be, how she should act, and what’s expected of her public and private performance have been at the forefront of our national conversation more than ever this year. We’re looking forward to hearing what Belle Boggs (The Art of Waiting), Sady Doyle (Trainwreck) and Phoebe Robinson (You Can’t Touch My Hair) have to say about what those expectations mean – and what they don’t – both in and out of the spotlight. Maya Perez (who is also a TBF author this year) will lead this not-to-be-missed conversation. Come on, girls. Let’s talk.

WHO: Phoebe Robinson, Sady Doyle, and Belle Boggs
WHAT: Great Expectations: Being A Woman in 2016
WHEN: Saturday, November 5  1:00PM
WHERE: Texas Book Festival, Capitol Extension Room E2.014