Katherine Catmull

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Katherine Catmull at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

Katherine Catmull’s Summer and Bird is an enchanting – and twisted – tale of two sisters' quest to find their parents. When their parents disappear in the middle of the night, young sisters Summer and Bird set off on a quest to find them. A cryptic picture message from their mother leads them to a familiar gate in the woods, but comfortable sights quickly give way to a new world entirely: Down. In this world inhabited by talking birds and the evil Puppeteer queen, Summer and Bird are quickly separated. Their divided hearts lead them each in a very different direction in the quest to find their parents, vanquish the Puppeteer, lead the birds back to their Green Home, and discover the identity of the true bird queen. “At its heart, it is a story of love and imperfection, and of the necessity of embracing both,” says Kirkus Reviews. With breathtaking language and deliciously inventive details, Catmull has created a world unlike any other, skillfully blurring the lines between magic and reality and bringing to life a completely authentic cast of characters and creatures. Catmull is an actor, freelance writer, voice-over artist, and sometimes playwright. She lives in Austin. This is her first book.

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