Brain Quest

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 Brain Quest at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

With Brain Quest, it’s Fun to Be Smart. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself! Brain Quest will bring its fast-paced, curriculum-based question-and-answer game to life with “Brain Quest Challenge” events. During the challenges, kids will have the chance to flaunt their smarts by answering questions in a quiz-show setting on stage. During the day, kids are also welcome to stop by the Brain Quest booth and participate in a challenge that includes both questions and physical activities too (jump rope, hula-hoop!). Questions will feature difficulty levels for each grade level and include categories from science and math to geography and English, and everything in between. Brain Quest challenges reward kids for using their smarts, with attendees and winners receiving fun giveaways and home products from the Brain Quest line, like sticker sheets, tattoos, and certificates. Discover what 36 million other smart kids already have, and why Brain Quest is America’s #1 educational bestseller.

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