Cherie Colburn

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Cherie  Colburn at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

People say the folks in Texas have some awfully tall hats, but in Cherie Foster Colburn’s Bloomin’ Tales: Legends of Seven Favorite Texas Wildflowers, children of all ages will find that the stories of their wildflowers are even taller! All over Texas - down Texas back-country roads and vacant city lots - grow untamed beauties, each with a story to tell. An award-winning author and garden writer, Colburn introduces readers to seven favorite plant legends from the hundreds she’s unearthed while creating school gardens across Texas. These Texas wildflowers demonstrate a tenacious spirit and diversity only topped by the people of the Lone Star State. Bloomin' Tales brings the history of both plants and people to life with exciting legends passed down from those who choose to call Texas home: Scottish, French, Hispanic, English, and the original Texans – the many different tribes of Native Americans. These stories don't just explain how a plant got its name, they are time-honored tales of Texans learning to adapt to an unforgiving land just as these flowers have done for millions of years. Colburn is a professional landscape designer, contributor to numerous magazines, and author of Our Shadow Garden - illustrated by and benefiting the children of M. D. Anderson’s Children’s Art Project in Houston - and Heirloom Bulbs of Today with author and bulb hunter Chris Wiesinger. Colburn and her husband garden in their certified Wildlife Habitat in The Woodlands.