Chris Meister

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Chris Meister at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

Chris Meister's innovative biography James Riely Gordon: His Courthouses and Other Public Architecture is an multi-faceted approach to the late 19th-century architect. Originally from Winchester, Virginia, Gordon (1863-1937) received neither formal education nor apprenticeship to a mentor within his field. Today, James Riely Gordon is known as "one of Texas's most talented architects in the late 19th-century." He moved with his parents to San Antonio in 1873, and there began his true career as an architect. Highly inspired by disparate sources, some of Gordon's buildings included a Moorish-style courthouse in Rockport, as well as a nod to Renaissance architecture in his capitol building in Phoenix, Arizona. Gordon became so renowned within his field that he was contracted to design public edifices in 12 different states. Meister chronicles the construction of each masterpiece, along with the legal skirmishes that arose over many of them, due to disagreements in cost, styles, and even political parties. James Riely Gordon is a beautiful coffee table book packed with captivating photos of Gordon's work. Meister's diligent research, which led him to over 50 communities in the country to follow Gordon’s creations, has earned praise from architectural historian Stephen Fox as "an incisive look at the realities of American architectural practice at the turn of the twentieth century." Meister is a writer and graphic designer in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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