Amelia Gray

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Amelia Gray at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

David’s wife Franny has died a bloody, tragic death. Probably. Even though he sat with her in her final moments, David believes something complex and sinister is happening. Maybe his wife is still alive, living down the street with someone who looks a lot like him, and maybe everyone else knows what’s really going on. When the mysterious, menacing notes begin to appear in unlikely places—inside a bag of sugar, behind the wallpaper, buried in the backyard—David’s tenuous grip on reality begins to fray. Each threat unhinges David a little more and he becomes obsessed with discovering the meaning behind the messages: “CURL UP ON MY LAP. LET ME BRUSH YOUR HAIR WITH MY FINGERS. I AM SINGING YOU A LULLABY. I AM TESTING FOR STRUCTURAL WEAKNESS IN YOUR SKULL.” Set in a world both immediately recognizable, yet full of surreal, unforgettable images—from the wasp-covered woman in the garage, to the child sleeping under the desks inside the police department—Amelia Gray’s debut novel uses lyrical writing to explore the bizarre ways grief can impact our lives. Threats has been praised by The Los Angeles Times as a “spooky, atmospheric debut novel…more David Lynch than Stephen King.” The author of two previous collections of short stories, including The Museum of the Weird, which won the Ronald Sukenick/American Book Review Innovative Fiction Prize, Amelia Gray was also the founder of the Five Things reading series in Austin. Gray attended the 2009 Texas Book Festival with her first collection AM/PM.

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