Domingo Martinez

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Domingo Martinez at the 2012  Texas Book Festival

Set amongst sweltering heat, wild dogs and rattlesnakes, and pesticides raining down from planes overhead, Domingo Martinez's memories come alive with poetic wit in his memoir The Boy Kings of Texas, the gritty and beautiful account of his childhood in a barrio in South Texas. In the world of his childhood, piglets were raised as pets to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner, and his grandmother's Catholic faith was rivaled only by her reliance on the family witch-doctor, La Señora. His complex family is revealed in blood feuds and rivalries, and in Martinez's enduring desire to escape from his uneasy spot wedged in-between the white and Hispanic worlds, on the border of the Rio Grande. But within his stories of grim hardship and struggles, he also reveals great strength, the passionate fortitude that imbues his family, and himself. The enthralling memoir was described by Kirkus as “a finely detailed, sentimental family scrapbook inscribed with love.” 2012 National Book Award finalist Domingo Martinez lives in Seattle, WA. His work has appeared in Epiphany and he has contributed to The New Republic. He has read pieces from The Boy Kings of Texas on This American Life and an essay about being chosen as a 2012 National Book Award finalist on All Things Considered. An excerpt from The Boy Kings of Texas was nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize.

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