Ioan Grillo

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Ioan Grillo at the 2011  Texas Book Festival

The world has watched stunned at the bloodshed in Mexico. Thirty thousand murdered since 2006; police chiefs shot within hours of taking office; mass graves comparable to those of civil wars; car bombs shattering storefronts; headless corpses heaped in town squares. And it is all because a few Americans are getting high. Or is it? Even Washington is confused and divided about what to do. Ioan Grillo’s El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency draws the first definitive portrait of Mexico's drug cartels and how they have radically transformed in the last decade. El Narco is a movement that has created paramilitary death squads with tens of thousands of men-at-arms from Guatemala to the Texas border. Journalist Ioan Grillo has spent a decade in Mexico reporting on the drug wars from the front lines. This piercing book joins testimonies from inside the cartels with firsthand dispatches and unsparing analysis. The devastation may be south of the Rio Grande, El Narco shows, but America is knee-deep in this conflict. Ioan Grillo has covered Mexico since 2001 for newspapers, magazines, and TV stations in the United States, Britain, and across the world.  Grillo worked as a full-time Mexico correspondent for the Houston Chronicle and then the Associated Press before branching off to work independently on special investigations and longer-form pieces. He is currently a correspondent for Time magazine as well as producing TV special reports and documentaries for stations including PBS and Channel 4 of the United Kingdom.

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