Barry Lyga

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Barry Lyga at the 2011  Texas Book Festival

You see the prettiest girl in school and suddenly your saucer-plate eyes are freaking out the coach and your surprise lines are knocking people over: high school's never easy, but it's especially hard for Ryoko Kiyama – star of Mangaman. Ripped from his paperback universe and thrust into a modern high school, Ryoko gets into the usual trouble – bullies, first kisses, the prom – even as he fights inter-dimensional monsters bent on destroying the very fabric of reality. But author Barry Lyga avoids painting the numbers on what could seem a very well-worn and oft-told tale – outsiders shakin' things up is nothing new, after all. Lyga plays with the genre by allowing his characters to see beyond the horizon of their white-paneled walls – they reach across space, peer through lines, even philosophize about what the right-angled voids bounding their universe really mean. And by bringing a fresh metaphysical look to the worn high school drama, Lyga demonstrates through foreign (and big) eyes what those of us in the West already know: high school is perilous, indeed, and inter-dimensional monsters bent on invading the line-driven panels that constitute your reality, well they're not so hot either. Lyga is also the author of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl (for which he appeared at the 2006 Festival), Goth Girl Rising, and Wolverine: Worst Day Ever and has written comic books about everything from sword-wielding nuns to alien revolutionaries. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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