Announcing the 2017 Fresh Ink Fiction Contest Winners

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In partnership with the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, and support from AT&T, the Texas Book Festival is proud to announce the 2017 winners of the Fresh Ink Fiction Contest!

These young writers showcased their literary promise with a work of original fiction based on our theme for 2017, “Funny Running Into You Here.” These nine winners come from all across the state and represent the future of Texas literature.


2017 Fresh Ink Fiction Contest Winners:


11th and 12th 

1st: Brittany Mackeown – “Little Drops

2nd: Elena Pacheco – “Morbid Art

3rd: Lydia Burleson – “The Monster Inside


9th and 10th

1st: Diya Chatterjee – “The Permanent Record Caper

2nd: Veronica J. Ledezma – “The Woman Under the Bridge

3rd: Madeline Szoo – “The Pearly Gates


7th and 8th 

1st: Yasmeen Khan – “Katherine, or Catharsis: Nine Portraits

2nd: Priyanka Gupta – “Dipper

3rd: Shirley Zhu – “The Raven and the Dove